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Pentacle Interwoven: Solid sterling silver interwoven pentacle with solid background, 1" diameter.
$16.95 Add

Pentacle Celtic Knot Border: Sterling silver interwoven pentacle with solid background and Celtic knot border, 1 1/8" diameter.
$28.95 Add

Pentacle with Spiral: Pentacle with a goddess spiral swirling behind it. Approx. 1" diam.
15.95 Add

Pentacle w/Circles: Intertwined sterling silver pentacle with four circles intertwined through each other & the pentacle. Resembles Celtic knotwork. 1-1/16" diam.
$15.95 Add

Fairy Star: The 7 pointed star is an entrance to the Faerie Realm. Each point on the star represents the 7 rays of manifestation of the Higher Self, as follows: *1st point - Power, Personal Will and Determination. *2nd point - Unconditional Love, Wisdom and Growth. *3rd point - Knowledge and Intelligence. *4th point - Harmony and Tranquility. *5th point - the Powers of Mind and Science. *6th point - Devotion and Honesty. *7th point - Magick. 1" diameter.
$15.95 Add

Pentacle Crescent Moons & Stone: Sterling silver interwoven pentacle and two crescent moons. Large pentacle has a tiny star/pentacle in the center with a gemstone at its center. Gemstones vary from Amber, Garnet, and Moonstone. Moonstone= Psychic, Amber= Priestess, Garnet= Strength. 1 1/8" diameter.

$24.95 Add

8 Pointed Star: Ancient spiritual symbol with possible origins in Sumaria, where it symbolized Anu, the Creator God. The 8 pointed star also signified Inanna, Goddess of Morning & Evening. It shows up in the mystical sciences of the Middle Ages & is present in most of the world’s religions. It is a symbol of magick & is associated with magickal forces. Sterling Silver 1-1/8" diam.
$14.95 Add

Pentacle Celtic Moon w/ Stone: Sterling silver interwoven pentacle, with a stone cabochon, encased in a crescent moon with Celtic knot design. Gemstones vary from Amethyst (purple), Amber (orange) and Garnet (red), 1 1/8" diameter.

$28.95 Add

Pentacle w/Celtic Border: Sterling silver interwoven pentacle surrounded by a Celtic knot, with a solid center and a gemstone in the center. Gemstones are Amber or Garnet. 1 1/8" diameter.
$31.95 Add

Pentacle with Dragon: Sterling silver interwoven pentacle with a winged Western dragon positioned on the front & holding onto the pentacle. Great piece for dragon-loving Witches! Approx. 1 1/8" diam.
$24.95 Add

Pentagram 2-Circle: Sterling silver pentacle with a 2 circles border. A great piece especially at this price! 1" diameter.
$8.95 Add

Interwoven Pentacle: Sterling silver interwoven pentacle. Very nice! 7/8"diameter.

$10.95 Add
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