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Charming Essentials is the brain child of Rev. Banshee. She created this product line for those who are seeking an ace in the hole of life. Though these charms you can learn to be in control of your destiny. Each one is a powerful lesson in self growth, and ancient wisdom.
Charming Essentials are "magickal" products for those who need a little inspiration in their lives. Each product is constructed during the correct phase of the moon for it's purpose. All hand made, and personally "Charmed" by Rev. Banshee.
This is not a snake oil, or black magic. What you get out of your purchase, is in fact what you put in. Each product comes with detailed instructions on how to use them properly. Your desire, and emotion help create the magick for attaining your goal.

The actual time spent on the spell is up to you. There are suggested intervals in each set of instructions, most range from 10 minutes to 45 minutes. It is always a good idea to take as much time as possible. You also have the choice of completing the spell in one sitting, or practicing it once a day for as long as you like.
Once you have the instructions for the spell you can perform it as many times as you like. You may always order a single item from Charming Essentials if you run out. (Such as a candle, or oil)
On Choosing a spell kit. I suggest you find a quiet space and relax. Ask yourself what you are truly looking for in your life. Have you taken steps towards this goal? Magick is most useful when you have already tried to attain your goal by physical means. When those means stop short of what you desire, then magick is a powerful charm to get things really moving!

Love Spell Kit: This spell is for those who wish to find a stable partner. Designed for the single man or woman seeking something more than dinner and a movie. Purchase this spell if you are open to the fact that someone is out there right now waiting for your love.
This is Not a spell to make someone specific fall in love with you. (That is negative magick) The way this spell works is by making you more attractive to others. It lets the light of the inner you, and what you are searching for be easily recognized by others. It raises your love vibration so you will attract those with the same vibration. That’s Love Baby!

Money Spell: This spell was constructed for those looking to add income to their lives. Do you work hard, and not get paid what you are worth? Do you wish to change your job, or supplement your income? This spell works though employment. From personal experience two days after performing this spell I was hired into a new company which whom I am still working with after 4 years.
Do not expect lottery winnings, nor "the Monkey Paw." This charm will make money flow easier, and faster. It definitely makes things happen!

Healing Spell Kit: This is one of my most versatile spells. Healing can take place on many levels. This spell is designed to heal the physical body, yet charged with major Reiki energy it also heals on a mental, emotional and spiritual level.
Purchase this spell if you wish to attain a healthier state of being. It has also been known to work miracles with cold and flu. Also for more serious illnesses this can be used as a tool in conjunction with prayer or healing circles.

Customized Spell Kit: You tell me what you need, and I will construct a powerful spell kit just for you. Maybe you wish to boost your creativity, or tap into your Psychic potential. The options are limitless. It's all up to you!

Each Spell kit comes complete with hand carved candle, anointing oil or incense, herbal sachet, affirmation, and in-depth instructions. Each item in the kit is also charged with Reiki energy for that extra kick.
Also you may request a spell that is not listed on the web site at this time.

All “Charming Essential” spell kits are $35.00 check, or credit card. To purchase your spell kit today e-mail Rev. Banshee with your request at Each spell kit is sent priority mail within 3 days of your payment. If you wish to order more than one kit you will acquire a 10% discount on your purchases.
Special offer for first time customers: Receive a free nice quality crystal (amethyst, or clear quartz)! Personalized spell kits available upon request!

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