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We offer a wide variety of psychic services at "The Occult Shop". This page will explain how each one works, the rates, and a little bit about our psychics. As always if you have questions you can e-mail or phone us.
Tarot appointments are available on a walk-in basis anytime after 2pm. All other services require an appointment. You also have the option with some of our services to "order on-line". These readings can be done via e-mail. If you would like an e-mail reading click on the e-mail icon next to the service, fill out our form, and you will be contacted with your reading. Only readings that are available over the internet are linked to an order form. Other readings must take place in person.

Astrological services are provided by Rev. Banshee. She has beenstudying Astrology for 8 years.
Based upon your birth date, place and time we can cast your astrological natal chart. This chart explains all the different aspects of your life, and your personality. These charts can reveal hidden talent, specific dates of importance, and help you to understand your partnerships. This is a great tool for spiritual growth, enlightenment, and an enjoyable experience.
Compatibility Charts are also available. How do you and your lover match up? Why do certain things they do annoy you? What is your future together? Find all this out and much more with a complete compatibility chart.

Printed Charts are $15.00. To have your chart e-mailed to you is only $10.00.
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Numerology: They say the math is the key to the universe, find out the mysteries hidden within your name, address, and the cycles of your life. Finding out your soul number translates into what you are here on earth for. There are also career numbers, love numbers, and much more. Numerology is another great personality reading method. This can also predict future dates of significance, and how you match up to your mate. Great for setting a wedding, or other auspicious date!
Numerology Sessions are $45 1/2 hour, and $75 for an hour. On line readings are $35 flat fee.
Get an e-mail reading by ordering on-line!
Include your full birth name and date.Click Here to Order



Tarot Reading is a great way to get a real sense of what is going on with you, and your life. If you have never had a psychic reading of any kind, Tarot is suggested. First you will receive a 10 card reading to get a general feeling of what your presently going through, up to three months into the future. This usually covers relationships, careers and major themes you are dealing with. Next you will be able to ask two questions of your choice. You can be as specific with the questions as you like. Tarot Readings take 30 minutes.
Rates: $35.00 (discounted rates for parties of 4 or more)
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Spell Kits: Individualized Spell kits offered by "The Occult Shop". These kits include one hand poured candle, with carved or painted symbols, one crystal, one herbal sachet in a velvet bag, oil, incense and complete instruction on how to use your tools to win success. Choose from our popular spells (love, money, healing) or let us create one made just for you and your specific need. Go a step beyond affirmation, and create a little magick!
Rates: $35.00
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Reiki: This is an ancient method of healing the body, mind, heart and spirit. Reiki means "Life Force." The practitioner channels this life force energy through a series of symbols. This is a powerful healing method, known to cause great change in one's life. Through laying the hands on or just above the body, the Reiki energy travels through out the entire spirit. Reiki can be sent to heal a present situation, or past trauma. If you have never had Reiki take advantage of our 1sample sessions. Reiki appointments last for about 2 hours.
Rates: Set up 3 appointments $175.00
1 appointment $75.00:
15 minutes sessions are 10
On-line distant healing available. The Reiki Master will send energy to the client for 15 minutes over 5 days. That's 1 hour and 25 minutes for $55.00. Order your Distant Healing Click Here!

Psychometry: Psychometry is the art of reading psychic vibrations from objects. Commonly the practitioner reads jewelry worn by the client, or some other metal object. This type of reading can alert you to health issues, troubled emotions, and secret desires. Find out about yourself and receive advice on how to make your life more enjoyable. Psychometry appointments take about 30 minutes.
Rates: $45.00

Aura Reading: The Aura is the electromagnetic energy field that emanates from living beings. The size, color and shape of your aura depicts many special and individualistic things about you as a person. Having your aura read can tell you about events about to come into your life, new knowledge, spirit guides, where you have blockages, and where you carry most of the trauma in your body. This is a powerful session done with clairvoyance, and clairaudiance.
An aura reading takes about 30 minutes. Rates: $45.00

Aura Cleansing: Aura cleansing, and chakra balancing is a great way to feel refreshed. This process rids the aura and chakras of any negative vibration, or blockage. Through a guided meditation, and Native American aromatherapy your etheric body is washed clean. A must for those who are sensitive to others energies. This also works wonders for those who are stress out, or over worked. Aura and Chakra cleansing takes about 45 minutes.
Rates: $40.00

House Blessing: House Blessings are conducted in your personal home or office. By cleansing the space negative energies and memories are banished. After the cleansing, a blessing of love, protection and abundance is established by the practitioner. House Blessings take about an hour. For places of business, prosperity blessings also available.
Rates: $45.00 (depending on the space.)

Past Life Regression: Let Banshee be your host through the journey of your past lives. She uses a relaxation though guided meditation method of freeing the mind to receive pictures and information of your lives past. You will see it all unfolding before your eyes, as if in a full color dream. Banshee has performed past life regressions since 1991. The entire process takes about an hour and a half. (Tape-recorded sessions available.)
Rates: 2 Lives, $85, 4 lives $125.

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Fun with Past Lives!
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