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MMJMerlins Muse Journal

Merry Meet
Welcome to our first issue of "Merlin's Muse Journal" the official newsletter of the "Keltic Knot" occult shop. We are providing this newsletter as a tool for education, networking in magickal communities and enhancing spiritual health.

This is a co-creation of Mr. Mojo, and Rev. Banshee, both 20 something Aquarians. Together they study, and teach many magical paths and philosophies.

Banshee has been a practicing Wiccan since 1990. She became a professional psychic, and High Priestess in 1992. Her background includes studies of Wicca, Egyptian Magick, High Magick, Spell Craft, Past Life Regression, Jungian psychology, and numerous divination techniques. At present Banshee is a co-owner of "The Keltic Knot", initiate level Buddhist, Reverend of The Universal Life Church, Buddhist initiate and a Traditional Reiki Master/Teacher. Banshee has given lectures, and workshops at The University of Cincinnati, various bookstores, Psychic Fairs, and Pagan festivals.

Mr. Mojo, a solitary practicing magickan and shaman, is one of the co-owners of the Keltic Knot Occult Shop in Cincinnati, Ohio. Being of Druid descent, magick has always been in his blood. He is both a Reiki master, and an ordained minister. His recent studies include High Magick, numerology, and stone reading. Recently, Mr. Mojo released his own line of magick and spell products. He eventually would like to open an eclectic church with his wife, Rev. Banshee. Mr. Mojo would like to give props to Hermes, Buddha, and Jesus Christ.

The Keltic Knot Story

The original owners Joe and Sherry Ridgeway opened the "Keltic Knot" in 1997. They sold spiritual goods and held many classes for the community. They invited such authors as Z. Budepest, and Silver Ravenwolf.
In early 1999 they where looking to sell the store so that they may retire to a warmer area. Banshee met Sherry in 1995. They attended festivals and circles together. In 1997 Banshee taught a class at the store and attended the Samhain ritual (broadcast by Fox 19 news). Shortly there after Banshee moved to Delaware to be with Mr. Mojo. While surfing the net one day in 1999 Banshee found the "Keltic Knot" website on-line and dropped Sherry an e-mail. Sherry explained that they where selling the business and moving away.
Meanwhile Mr. Mojo and Banshee where planning on moving back to Cincinnati in Oct. but had no idea about how they would make the move happen. That night Banshee had a dream that she was talking to Sherry over the phone. Sherry was telling her how she and Mr. Mojo should buy the business. It was a vivid dream filled with interesting details. The next morning Banshee and Mr. Mojo discussed for hours the pro's and con's of the situation and came to the conclusion that this was an inspired idea.
A month and one more investor later, the "Keltic Knot" had it's new owners. Banshee was seven months pregnant in April when they took over the business. On July 3rd she gave birth to their son Dylan Lore at University hospital. Yes, we've been busy! Our goal is to create an occult store that supplies not only spiritual tools, but also supplies instruction, and a place for the community to use as a resource for positive events.

What is a Witch?

Looking at the history of the word “Witch” itself we find it derives from such words as “Wit, Wicce, or Wicca.” All of these words are forms of “Wise” or “Wise Ones.” Modern day Witchcraft is called “Wicca,” and those who practice it are known as “Wiccan.”
The Wiccan religion is recognized by the United States government, and in recent times has been seen as the fastest growing religion. Witches are everywhere. You cannot tell them by their status in the community, nor by their age, race, gender, or sexual preference. Some of them wear black, and carry a wooden staff with them to the mall. But most are just average looking individuals, who work daytime jobs. Wicca is a religion, no dress codes, or jewelry required. Although most Witches have an affection for crystals, and pentacles.
One golden rule defines the Wiccan religion. The Wiccan Rede (or law) This poem brings to light all of the natural goodness inherent in the religion. “In perfect love, and perfect trust,” explains this is a religion not beholden to guilt or conversion.
“Bide the Wiccan Rede ye must, In perfect Love and perfect Trust. These eight words ye fulfill, An ye Harm none, Do what ye will. Ever mind the rule of three, lest in thy self defense it be. Follow this with mind and heart, and Merry ye meet, and merry ye part.”
“The rule of three” relates to the belief in Karma. What ever you do, be it positive of negative will be visited upon you three times as strong. “An it harm none,” means follow your bliss, and do what makes you joyful as long as you are not harming anyone in the process, including yourself.
The following statements where taken from April 1974, the Counsel of American Witches. “We practice rites to attune ourselves to the Earth at the times appointed by the seasons, and the phases of the moon.” “We acknowledge a power far greater than is apparent to the average person. Because it is far greater than ordinary is sometimes called ‘supernatural.’ But we see it as laying within that which is naturally potential to all.” “Calling ones self a witch does not make one a witch.” We do not accept the concept of absolute evil.”
In the religion of wicca the Divine, or the All manifests in the form of the feminine and masculine. The Wiccan religion is based on nature, and in nature male and female exist. In fact both are necessary for life. Each human has traits of both masculine and feminine, the Gods also have a blending of these traits. For example Athena is a war Goddess, while Eros is a God of love. There are many names for the different aspects of the Gods.
The male side of the deity is usually symbolized by the sun, for it’s strength brightness, and warmth. The light also points to logical, conscious thought. The feminine side is represented by the moon, in her triple aspect of maiden (waxing), mother (full), and crone (waning) phases. This darkness represents subconscious, and imaginary, psychic thought.
Wicca has four major Sabbats, and four Esabbats (minor Sabbats). These are the “witchy” holidays. They take place on the quarters and cross quarters of the year. During such celebrations great feast are made, and each holiday has it’s own rituals rich in custom, and old traditions imported from England or Ireland. The maypole, a crown of candles, mistletoe, or even the jumping of a small bonfire can be part of the celebration.
In the past year with Wicca’s growth in popularity there are groups forming for witches Witchy Womanrights. Recently there was a march on Washington for this purpose. Wicca is one of the most persecuted religions of our modern day.
If you would like to learn more about Wicca, I suggest you read “Ray Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft,” Laurie Cabot’s “The Power of the Witch,” or “To Ride a Silver Broomstick.” by Silver Ravenswolf.
By: Rev. Banshee

CrystalsStone Crazy

My choice for this issues stone is the amethyst. It is the primary birth stone for the month of February. Since my birthday also falls in this month, the amethyst bears a substantial amount of personal significance. I myself have just become interested in collecting stones. I enjoy them for their natural beauty, their majickal and medicinal powers. Amethysts are thought by many to be “The Spiritual Stone.”
Medicinally, this stone has been used to cure both alcoholism and insomnia. It’s magical uses are almost infinite. The amethyst can ward off negative feelings, if worn it can protect against thieves, harm, sickness, and danger. For these reasons, amethysts were worn by travelers. They may also be used to increase one’s psychic awareness, and sharpen the sixth sense. They may also sharpen the conscious mind as well as the subconscious. Men who wear the amethyst are said to attract “good” women. These of course are only a few of the gem’s many uses.
The amethyst is truly a beautiful stone, it’s color ranging from a pale lilac to a rich deep purple. Jewelers believe the darker stones to be of greater value. In reality the stone is nothing more than a transparent purple quartz.
The name amethyst is derived from the Greek word amethystos, which translated means “not drunken”. This is relevant because it considered a sobriety stone. The legend behind the stone also hails from Greece. It was said that Dionysus, the God of wine and intoxication, was greatly angered by an insult bestowed upon him by a mortal. He swore revenge on the next mortal he saw. A young woman named Amethyst unluckily happened along, on her way to pay tribute to the Goddess Diana. Dionysus set a pair of fierce tigers to attack the girl, but Diana protected her follower by turning her into a quartz statue. Upon seeing the beautiful statue, the God was so taken the He wept at the sight of it. His tears of wine stained the clear stone, and gave it it’s purple tint that we know today.
The amethyst is a water stone ruled by both the planets Jupiter and Neptune. The stone contains receptive energies. The deities associated with it are Bacchas, Dionysus, and Diana. They are extremely common and can be found at jewelry, new age, and science stores. The amethyst is an essential element to any rock collection.
By: Mr. Mojo

Robin Woods Star CardTarot Cards

As this newsletter progresses we are going to add a column that explains one Tarot card in depth per issue. For this our first issue I thought it appropriate to explain just what they are, and their many uses.
I was always curious about “supernatural” subjects as most young psychics are. At the age of seventeen, one of my mothers elderly friends gave me a Tarot deck. It was old, and worn, with the written on each individual card. Every day or so I would sit down and do a reading. Yet I kept a healthy skepticism just the same. I would write down my reading for the day, and check the accuracy before I went to sleep. By my next birthday I kept noticing “The Emperor” card came up in every reading. This meant I was going to meet a man with money, and power. The astrological symbol for this card is Taurus. The night I went out for my birthday, I walked up and started talking to this complete stranger. We talked all night, and he gave me his phone number. He indeed was a man with money, and political stature. That was several years ago, and Robert the Taurus and I are still friends. This proved to me that the Tarot can work.
As I progressed, I began reading Tarot for friends and family. Time and again the cards foretold the future with great accuracy. I was also developing my spiritual path, and healing abilities. I found I needed to be rooted in my spirituality to attain pure results.
No one knows the origin of the Tarot. Many say they where a form of Hieroglyphics created by the Egyptians. From there the Gypsies (derived from the word “Egyptian”) spread them through Europe. The first historic documentation was made by king Alphonnse XI, of Leon and Castile in 1332. The record states that he banned the Tarot from further use.
In the 1990’s we have seen a resurgence of the early 1900’s fame of Divination. More intellectual, and psychological methods seem to be in demand. The mediums, and seances of old have been replaced with crystal points, and rebirthing. The Tarot is a tool that has never gone out of style.
There are many myths about the Tarot. “The Death card means your gonna die.”, “Don’t let anyone touch your cards.”, “Don’t buy your own deck.”, “If you charge for readings you will lose your ‘power.” And my favorite “So, you tell fortunes?”
Forget all the wives' tales you have ever heard. The tarot is a card deck made out of paper with creative drawings and symbolism. In short it is a tool to bring out the subconscious knowing of the self. The only thing “spooky” about it is the person wielding the cards. Tarot reading is vastly different from fortune telling. Fortune telling is based upon the belief of fate. “You vill meet a man vith dark hair, and a dark heart, bevare!” With fortune telling there is no way to change your path, it is destined. The Tarot is designed to tell you of your future and give you advice on how to change or enhance it. I often term it as a psychology session with future insight.
When picking a deck make sure you feel a repartee with the cards. Hold them in your hands, and feel their energies. You may feel heat, or a tingling sensation, or they may say to you “Put me back.” Once you have found your deck, I suggest carrying them in a black, or purple silk pouch. This will keep the psychic vibrations of the cards intact. It is a good idea after each reading smudging cards with incense, or separating them card by card in two stacks, as a way of cleansing them.
By Rev. Banshee

The "Keltic Knot" offers a wide variety of spiritual services. Tarot readings are $35.00 for ½ hour, and includes asking three questions of your choice. Appointments and walk-ins are welcome. We also provide a wide array of positive spells handcrafted and personalized. Our hours are Tuesday through Sunday from Noon to 7pm. We are located on the West side of Cincinnati at 3647 West 8th St. Call 513-471-5200.

Classes are starting in August, be sure to check them out. We are introducing two new product lines. "Charming Essentials" spell kits and accessories and "Mr. Mojo's Magickal Mixtures.

Class now forming Spell Class with Rev. Banshee Saturday August 14th at 7pm $5.00 minimum donation

Directions: Take 75 south to the Harrison Ave exit. Bear to the right, and get onto Queen City Ave. Take a left onto Grand Ave. Go up the hill to Warsaw Ave. and take a right onto it. At the White Castle take a left onto Elberon. Proceed to take a right at the light onto West 8th st. We will be on your left, just before the cemetery.