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Love, Beauty, Romance.

Handmade Love Candle: Our love candles are made during the waxing moon in Libra, or Taurus. Venus rules these signs of the zodiac and the waxing moon is most kind to lovers. Infused with oils, and herbs with empowered symbols carved into the wax. A very powerful tool. Choose below what you would like your candle to do for you.
Price: $3.95

Love Incense Gift Pack: This romantic set is sure to win your heart. Included is 5 sticks of each of the following seductive scents: Jasmine, Dragons Blood, Egyptian Musk, Patchouli and Rose. A decorative burner is also included.


$6.95 Add
Love Oil Gift Pack: Fragrance is the aura of romance. Create a special mood by placing in a light ring (included). Or wear on your skin to make them take notice. With these scent-ual aromatics, you can lift your spirits and let your smoldering temptress play. .Includes one 2 dram vial of each scent: Love, Seduction, Dragons Blood, and Rose. Plus a light bulb ring in which to burn your oils.
$18.95 Add
Sensual Bath Kit: Wrap yourself in the loving bubbles of dragons blood as you drift off into a world of romance and sensuality. Includes one 16oz bottle of Dragons Blood bubble bath, One handmade sensuality candle, and 1dram of Goddess Girl Shimmery, lightly scented, vibrantly colored & truly magical faery dust.

$14.95 Add

Love Spell Herb & Crystal Kit: This component kit is for use in any love spell you can think of. Add power to your magick, with fine tools designed for success. Includes a 1 oz bag of the following herbs: Rose, Lavender, Patchouli, Cat Nip, and Jasmine. Crystals: One tumbled Rose Quartz (the best love stone) , and one crystal quartz point (ready to be empowered with your intentions).
$11.95 Add
Deluxe Love Kit: This kit is sure to please! Includes: 5 each of the following stick incense: Jasmine, Lavender, Rose, Patchouli and Dragons Blood. Also 1 oz bag of the following herbs: Rose, Cat Nip, Jasmine and Passion Flower. There's more: One handmade Love spell candle, One 4 oz bag of Mermaid Bath Salts (scent: love), a 2 dram bottle of Attraction oil, and one Quartz crystal point.
$19.95 Add
Master Love Kit: All you will need to cast the perfect Love Spell. Herbs, Oils, Candles and Crystals will very depending on the spell you choose. Each spell comes with: Three 1 oz bag of herbs, One 4oz bag of mermaid bath salts, 25 incense sticks, One decorative incense burner, One crystal, One satin sachet bag, One two dram bottle of oil, One spell candle and complete spell instructions on parchment paper.

Price: $34.95
Master Love Kit
Spells Explained:
Soul Mate: This spell is performed to bring your "true love" into your life.

Lover: Perform this spell to bring a sexual relationship into your life.

Husband & Wife: These spells are gender specific,designed to bring about marriage.

Romance: This spell will spice up any existing relationship. Invites your partner to be more sensual and intimate.

Wish Fulfillment: Designed to fulfill any loving wish. This spell leaves a lot of room for you to specify your particular love goal. Easy to personalize!
Bewitchments: by McCoy, Edain: Whether you're looking for a friend, a fling, or a lifelong mate, there's nothing like a little magick to heat things up. . This little library of love unveils new scientific discoveries about the chemical process we know as "falling in love." A complete guide to love magick, Bewitchments includes a grimoire of over 90 spells to help you find that special someone. You'll learn how to: *rekindle feelings of love *prepare magickal love oils, incenses, and powders *cast a glamoury spell to enhance beauty *use herbs, stones, and other items to enhance your magick *practice the art of divination to see how your spells are working, and more Paperback, 211 pages.
$14.95 Add
Salem Witches' Book of Love Spells: by McLelland, Lilith Here, the witches of Salem, Massachusetts, share their favorite spells, incantations, aphrodisiacs, & love potion recipes, some dating back to the 15th century. This is more than just a simple book on spells. The author discusses what magick is & how it can help you make friends, make love, even make yourself more attractive. Learn the ancient beliefs of witches, & find out how magick fits into the modern world. Subjects covered: finding the perfect lover; the famous (or infamous) Salem Witches’ Love Potion; Pagan love secrets of the gods; spells to heal misunderstandings between lovers; starting over after the affair ends; and much more. Softcover, 152 pgs.
$13.95 Add
Turn Your Boyfriend into/Love Slave by Gray, Deborah There’s a love goddess in every woman. Summoning the ancient powers of the Goddess of Love, this book will walk the lovelorn through more than forty fun & sexy spells, including one that is sure to attract the neighborhood hunks to you like moths to a flame; one to fill your mailbox with steamy love letters; & one that will bring a lost lover back to your door, begging for a second chance! Brew up some sexy love magic tonight! Softcover, 121 pgs.
$13.95 Add
Little Book of Love Magic by Telesco, Patricia A Little Book of Love Magic is a cornucopia of lore, magic and imaginative ritual designed to bring excitement and romance to your life. The chapters are full of easy recipes and ideas for rituals to do at home. If you find the ideas of concocting love potions, spells and scents fun, this is the perfect little book for you. The Romance and Love Refreshments are positively mouthwatering. Create your own love blends, special foods, lotions, pleasure. Paperback, 175 pages.
$9.95 Add
Handfasted & Heartjoined by Lady Maeve Rhea A handfasting is a magickal rite in which two people who seek to join their lives enter into a contract before their gods & loved ones to abide together, physically & spiritually. Information provided includes: a Simple Rite of Handfasting, a High Rite of Handfasting, & the Rite of Becoming One, Learn how to save money, time & emotional trauma, & how to explain the ceremony to non-Pagan friends & family; preparatory rituals & spiritual exercises; sample planning forms & invitations;a listing of the marriage laws in each state -- so you can find out if your handfasting will be "legal" where you live. This book will help you & your partner to decide whether you are truly ready to take this special step. Softcover, 164 pgs.
Old Love Charms & Spells by Tarostar This little, but powerful book unfolds a colorful selection of spells & rituals that are mostly taken from folklore, yet rearranged throughout the ages according to the individual practitioner in the field. The experience, style & interpretation of each practitioner is what truly makes magic one of the most attractive Art forms. Illustrated throughout, this spell book also contains special recipes of herb blends & precise instructions for making incense. This information combined with old magical chants are made to assist you in making all your wishes come true. Included is a list of special oils, simple guiding steps to undo unsuccessful spells, an introduction to white magic & much more. 41 pgs.
$7.95 Add
Amulet Tame Lover: The famous Venus and amor power amulet. Sure to tame a roving lover. Double-sided gold finish. Wear during spells or as an everyday item. Approximately 1 1/4"diameter.
$8.95 Add
Amulet Happy Love Affair: Good fortune in love and marriage. Wear if you are looking for a partner, or to improve an existing relationship. A great tool for pushing a commitment! Approximately 5/8" by 1".
$8.95 Add
Amulet Make Lover Return: Egyptian Cartouchedesigned to bring your lover back. Carved with ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. Empower with your energies then give to your lover. Also helps a lover stay around. Approximately 3/4" by 1".
$8.95 Add
Amulet Win Male/Female of Choice: Give your magickal workings and edge with powerful talismans. This is a Magical Seal for Love of the opposite sex. It is designed to make you alluring to the person of your choosing. Approximately 1 1/4" diameter.
$8.95 Add
Gold Ink Pen Kit: Use this rare ink on your seals or talismans.Looks divine, and adds the fire power of the sun. Easy to use! Comes complete with dip pen (plastic holder with removable metal point). ½ fl. oz.
$19.95 Add
Parchment Paper: Parchment paper is a favorite of ancient and modern spell craft. This paper adds power to anything written on it with intent. The more you put into a spell, the more you are going to reap from it! 5 pages in a plastic binder cover. Order as many as you like!
$3.95 Add
Ink Dove's Blood: For writing out spells and inscribing talismans. Typically, Dove’s Blood is used for love spells. Empower your spell by writing desired traits of a lover on parchment paper with Dove's Blood Ink!1 fl. oz. each.
$6.95 Add
Ink Bat's Blood: For writing out spells and inscribing on talismans. Typically, Bats Blood good for getting closure with a romantic relationship. If you not longer want your mate, use this in a spell. Also use if you want to stop feeling love for someone and ease pain. 1 fl. oz. each.
$6.95 Add
Love Writing Kit: Use this kit to invoke love into your life! A spell can be as easy as drawing the symbols and describing the perfect mate. Contains: 1 Feather Quill, 5 sheets of parchment, 1 oz. bottle of Doves Blood ink, and six sacred symbols of love.
$9.95 Add
Good-bye Love Writing Kit: Use this kit to mend a broken heart, get rid of an unwanted influence, say good-bie to an ex, or to make someone leave your lover alone. Spell can be as simple as writing your name and intent! Contains: 1 Feather Quill, 5 sheets of parchment, 1 oz. bottle of Doves Blood ink, and three influencing symbols.
$9.95 Add
Female Pink Human Figure: Aprox. 6-7 inches tall. Use as a focusing tooll in love magick!
$4.95 Add
Male Pink Human Figure: Aprox. 6-7 inches tall. Use as a focusing tool in love magick!
$4.95 Add