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Baphomet:Very large, impressive, highly detailed inverted pentagram with classic Baphomet goat head. This one really makes a statement! Pewter with 24" black satin cord, approximately 3.5" diam.
$53.95 Add

Bast : Kindly goddess of joy, music and dancing. Cats are sacred to Bast. Pewter bast pendant with black satin cord.
$10.95 Add

Celtic Equal Arm Cross: Pewter celtic cross on a black satin necklace cord, approximately 1 7/8" by 1 3/4".
$10.95 Add

Celtic Clover Pendant: Represents the coming together and intertwining of the four direction, or winds, within our lives to bring harmony and balance. Heavy weight, lead-free pewter pendant, 1 1/4" diameter.
14.95 Add
Celtic Scabbard Pendant: Image depicts what could be Cernnunos, the Horned God, as he tames the dragons of the animal kingdom. A symbol of Harmony and Balance within. Heavy weight, lead-free pewter pendant, 2" long.
$14.95 Add

Dark Angel Pendant: : A stunning pendant that portrays this angel in all her majesty. Pewter with 24" black satin cord, approximately 3 1/2" high.
$47.95 Add

Demon Skull Pendant: For those of you who like their adornment to be expressive! This very detailed skull pendant will turn heads. Pewter with 24" black satin cord, approximately 2 1/2" wide by 1 1/2" high.

$24.95 Add

Dragon w/Crystal Pewter: Impressive silvertone pewter winged dragon graces a clear, polished crystal. Pewter with 36", size of quartz crystal may vary.

$19.95 Add

Flying Dragon Set: Matching winged serpentine dragons to adorn your neck & ears. Pendant comes with a silvertone 24" chain. Pendant approx. 2¼" long x 1 7/8" wide; Earring dragons approx. 1½" long x 1½" wide, 2" long overall with ear wire.
$16.95 Add

Pentacle Man: The pentacle is the map of the cosmos. The attached man reminds us that we too are made of the same things as the rest of the universe. Thus we are cousins to stars and interrelated with all things. Approximately 1" diameter.
$9.95 Add

Double Pentacle Red Stones: Two encircled pentacles, with the larger pentacle containing red Swarovski glass crystal stones at each of the five points. Comes with a silvertone 24" chain. Approx. 1½" diam.
$9.95 Add

Greenman Pewter : Detailed and expressive Celtic god of the wooded green forest. Pewter, approximately 1 1/4" diameter. .

$9.95 Add

Medusa pewter : Extremely detailed, very large pendant of Medusa, the Greek Gorgon with hair of snakes who was able to turn men into stone just by gazing upon them. Wear this powerful magickal symbol for protection & for asserting your feminine strength. Approx. 2¾" wide x 3" long. .
$48.95 Add

High Priestess : Priestess keeper of knowledge, healer, magical practitioner, and introspective seer. Made of heavy weight lead-free pewter, 1 1/2" diameter.
$14.95 Add

Lady Moon Pendant : Celebrates the feminine attributes and inspirations as reflected in the moon. A symbol of Intuition and Knowledge. Heavy weight lead-free pewter pendant.
$14.95 Add