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Pack of 10 tea lights for use in small candle holders and oil burners:
$2.99 Add

Long Burning Votives 15hr.
Choose color: $0.95

Long burning Natural Scented Votives, colors vary: $1.55
Long burning Scent Blend Votives, colors vary : $1.55

6 inch Tapers in 9 colors:
Perfect to carve and use for magick or mood.

Price: $1.05

100% Beeswax tapers. Long burning with little smoke. This pair of tapers are 8 inches long. Beeswax is the traditional and prefered candle of Wiccans. The more natural the tools, the more intune the magickan can be with their purpose.
$7.65 Add

Taper 8" Pair Choose Color:

Price: $3.55
Taper 8" Gold or Silver Coated Pair.
Price: $4.55