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Beginners Tarot: Take a class taught by a professional psychic of 11 years. Learn to use your natural psychic abilities to read the Tarot cards. This course is a complete introduction. You will be asked via e-mail for your birthdate so we can figure out your personal card. Comes complete with all card meanings, 5 spreads, quickie words to help you remembers the meanings easier, meditations, and sample readings interpreted. Interpretations include both upright and inverted. In the last e-mail you will be able to ask five questions to the teacher of this course! Includes 4 e-mails with a Microsoft word document attached. You must have a Tarot deck to complete this course. Tarot decks are sold on this site. A beginner deck is required for this course. Click Here to Purchase a Deck.
Tarot Beginners Course: $34.95 Add
Psychic Introduction: This class with introduce you to many forms of divining the future and how to open your psychic eye. Topics covered are - Tarot - an introduction and short lesson. Aura Reading- Instruction on how to train your eyes to see the aura. Pendulum- A lesson on how to use the pendulum, and 3 different printable charts. Scrying- Ever wanted to know how to use a crystal ball? Instructions on how to cleanse and use any reflective surface for divination. Runes- Learn the meanings of each rune and how to cast them. Sky Stones: Learn how to divine yes or no answers by using semi precious stones like the Native Americans. By the end of this course you will be able to use each of the tools listed above to find the answers to your questions. That's6 forms of divination, and impressive amount of knowledge. Will help you find what tools you work with best. Buy Divination Tools Here
Psychic Introduction Course: $54.95 Add
Past Life Regression: Learn the time honored technique of professionals. With this course you will learn how to safely guide someone into a past life regression. This takes place through a powerful meditation with symbols and key words. The client will be guided back to a life time they lived before this one, and you will hear it all in their words. Includes tips on how to completely relax someone, hot to guide them through any situation, how to stop incase of emergency and safe guards. Share this course with a friend so you can both experience this amazing exercise. With this course and a little practice you will be at a professional regressionist level.
Psychic Introduction Course: $74.95 Add

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