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Animal-Speak by Andrews, Ted
The animal world has much to teach us & animals remind us of the potential we can unfold. Before we can learn from them, however, we must be able to speak with them. Now, for perhaps the first time ever, myth & fact are combined in a manner that will teach you how to speak & understand the language of the animals in your life. This book helps you meet & work with animals as totems & spirits by learning the language of their behaviors within the physical world. It provides techniques for reading signs & omens in nature so you can open to higher perceptions & even prophecy. It reveals the hidden, mythical, & realistic roles of 45 animals, 60 birds, 8 insects & 6 reptiles. Animals will become part of you, revealing to you the majesty & divine in all life. They will restore your childlike wonder of the world & strengthen your belief in magic, dreams & possibilities. 369 pgs.
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Babylonian Magic & Sorcery by King, Leonard W.
This is a treasury of esoteric writing concerning the prayers & rituals to ancient deities from the dawn of Western civilization. The author, an expert in the field of Babylonian & Assyrian translations, presents a series of texts from tablets uncovered during archaeological excavations at Ninevah. Included are 76 illustrations of cuneiform tablets, King’s transliteration & translation of the inscriptions, & appendices with a Hebrew-Babylonian-English glossary, a list of proper names, & a list of numerals. When first published in 1896, recognition of this remarkable work was largely eclipsed by the popularity & profusion of newly discovered Egyptian magical texts. However, as R.A. Gilbert points out in a new Forward for this edition, the evolution of the Western Mystery Tradition actually owes more to Babylonian & Assyrian magical traditions than to anything assimilated from Egyptian sources. Therefore, this becomes a very significant text for the people interested in the origins of Western religious practices & the Western Mystery Tradition. Hardcover, 277 pgs.
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Devotions To The Saints by Riva, Anna
Why another book on the saints? Because this one hopes to offer an approach not taken by other authors. This volume will give you a brief sketch of their lives so that their personal circumstances and their triumphs over temptations and tribulations may prove an inspiration to the reader. Also, an attempt has been made to present the information neglected in other books about the saints . . . which saints can be asked to intercede for various health conditions, the patron saints of your job so that you can get help when needed, and the special aid certain saints can offer for those particular situations or those specific problems we all encounter from time to time. So, in brief, this is a book to read and to use - everyday, or whenever an occasion arises that guidance, comfort, assitance, or inspiration is needed. Paperback, 112 pages .
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Egyptian Book Of The Dead by Budge, E.A. Wallis
The Egyptian Book of the Dead is unquestionably one of the most influential book in all history. Embodying a ritual to be performed for the dead, with detailed instructions for the behavior of the disembodied spirit in the Land of the Gods, it served as the most important repository of religious authority for some three thousand years. Chapters were carved on the pyramids of the ancient 5th dynasty, texts were written in papyrus, and selections were painted on mummy cases well into the Christian Era. In a certain sense it stood behind all Egyptian civilization. Reproduced in full are a clear copy of the Egyptian hieroglyphs, an interlinear transliteration of their sounds (as reconstructed), a word-for-word translation, and seperately a complete smooth translation. All this is preceded by an introduction of more than 150 pages. Paperback, 369 pages.
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Faith, Fancies & Fetich by Farrow, Stephen
The writer, when living in the Yoruba country, found that the worship of the people showed a belief in spiritual beings of various types, falling properly into the following four distinct classes: *A Supreme Deity, Olorun by name *A large class of Lesser Gods, or Orishas, their number being variously stated as 201, or 401, by their babalows, or priests, but probably comprising over 600 *The Spirits of the Dead (Ancestor-worship, etc.) *Supreme Spirit of Evil, Eshu, i.e. the "Devil" Paperback, 175 pages.
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Mystery Of Long Lost 8,9,10 Book by Gamache, Henri
The object of this book is to serve a three-fold purpose: First, to present an abbreviated, humanized biography of the Man Moses in such forms as to make him seem alive rather than a cold, mythical personage out of a fairy tale. Book two of this volume contains conclusion that are not the authors alone, but the consensus of opinions arrived at independently by many leaned students of religion of the Ancient Nation of Israel and of the Old and New Testaments. Third, in Book Three of this volume, which the author has entitled: "The book of Miscellaney, " includes the nostrums used in the period under discussion. Paperback, 103 pages .
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Myths Of The Norsemen by Guerber, H A
In this volume, a noted scholar of myth and folklore has assembled a rich collection of Northern mythology as preerved in the Eddas and sagas of Iceland. These are perhaps the purest versions of the original myths, thanks ot the island's remoteness and lack of contact with outside influences. Both grand and tragical, the age-old tales tell of the creation of the world; the heroic deeds of such gods and heroes as Odin, Thor and Siegfried; the machinations of the evil Loki; the fantastical adventures of giants, dwarfs and elves; the twilight of the gods; and much else. Sixty-four marvelous, atmospheric illustrations add an additional dimension of charm. Paperback, 365 pages.
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New Revised 6th & 7th Books by Gonzalez-wippler
The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses was originally published in Germany, in 1849. Its author by the name of Johann Scheibel is shrouded in mystery. The author claimed that the seals and ivocations given in the book came from ancient Hebrew sources, particularly the Talmud. It is not sure whether or not his claims were based on trith, although Talmudic scholars will probably deny that there are any references in Talmudic literature to the Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses. While the original source of the book will probably never be ascertained, its popularity and durability can hardly be denied. The revised edition is an attempt at the reorganization of a work, long hailed by occult masters as a valuable tool in the study and practice of cabalistic magic. Paperback, 219 pages.
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Psalm Workbook by Laremy, Robert
This large print King James version of the Book of Psalms contains nearly 400 simple rituals & procedures that can be used to help you accomplish anything your desire. Use the situational index provided to decide which Psalm to pray for your specific need, whether it be peace, protection, health, success, money, love, faith, inspiration, spiritual strength, & much, much more! 202 pgs. .
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Spiritual Cleansings & Psychic Defenses by Laremy, Robert
Psychic attacks are real & their effects can be devastating to the victim. Negative vibrations can be as harmful as bacteria, germs & viruses. There are time honored methods of fighting these insidious & pernicious agents of distress. These techniques are described in this book & they can be applied by you. No special training or supernatural powers are needed to successfully employ these remedies. All of the procedures described in this book are safe & effective; follow the instructions without the slightest deviation. The cleansings provided are intended as "over-the-counter" prescriptions to be used by anyone being victimized by these agents of chaos. 107 pgs.
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Way Of The Shaman by Harner, Michael
This classic on Shamanism pioneered the modern shamanic renaissance. It is the foremost resource and reference on shamanism. Now, with a new introduction and a guide to current resources, anthropologist Michael Harner provides the definitive handbook on practical shamanism - what it is, where it came from, how you can participate. Paperback, 150 pages.
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Doors to Other Worlds Buckland, Ray
Does consciousness survive the death of the physical body? Are there are a wide variety of entities on the spiritual planes? Find out for yourself by learning how to contact and communicate with spirits using the techniques you will find in Raymond Buckland''s Doors to Other Worlds. You''ll learn numerous methods of communicating with spirits, including spirit guides and guardian angels. You will learn how to develop your own psychic abilities and even how to become a medium yourself. You will learn the secrets of scrying, clairvoyance, table tipping, using a Ouija board, and automatic writing.
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