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Candles, Meditation, & Healing by Whitaker, Charlene
Kindle your spiritual practice with bright and simple candle rituals. Candles are a natural source of light and guidance - this little book will show you how to use candles to fire up your prayer, healing, and divination work. Find out how to do candle readings using an astrological wheel, or by interpreting the flame or wax drippings. Discover the best time for candle rituals using phases of the moon or days of the week, and what color candle to use for different purposes. You'll also learn how to: *create an altar for candle rituals *send healing energy to those in need *do readings for yourself and your friends *infuse your prayers and meditations with divine energy Let the warm glow of these candle ceremonies light up your life! 154 pgs.
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Tantric Yoga, Path to Raising by Frost/Frost
Tantric yoga is considered to be the highest and most rapid path to enlightenment. Tantric yoga teaches control of the body and its functions so that the tantrist may reach the ultimate spiritual experience. Students will learn to re-evaluate relationships, for these, too, are part of the path to enlightenment. The tantric path teaches commitment to others and demands equality between men and women. Special to this book are rituals and meditations for ascending and descending the chakras. The authors particularly devote themselves to discussing how to work with activating the kundalini energy safely. Also included: rituals for working with new and full moon cycles; meditations to increase abilities of your senses; methods of purification using the four elements; how to work with mantras, sounds, colors and the symbology of the Gods and Goddesses. Paperback, 304 pages.
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Wiccan Prayer Book by Ventimiglia, Mark
This handy, unique pocket reference includes dozens of prayers & meditations for every occasion, every day of the Wiccan year, & every esbat & sabbat celebration. You’ll find prayers to offer throughout the day -- from predawn devotions to evening prayer for children -- & prayers for before & after meals, the safety of family & self, spouses (to find one, & to ensure his or her safety), in-laws, friends, healing, the dead, the coven & the faith, a prosperous vacation, travelers, animals, love, & much more. Here, too, is background on the Wiccan religion & the Wiccan Rede, intention, visualization, & meditation -- as well as a bibliography & notes on composing personal prayers. The spiritual inspirations in these pages are for both seasoned witches & neophytes -- whether solitary practitioners or coven members -- who seek to add meaning to the Pagan lifestyle by communicating with the God & Goddess. Hardcover, 154 pgs.
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Bell & Dorje Brass Set
In meditation the Dripu represents purity & the feminine (yin) principle; the Dorje represents the masculine principle (yang). Meant to bring Universal Harmony into one's life. Blending the masculine and feminine sides of our nature. Pleasant ringing from the Dripu & the absorption of evil from the Dorje will create a solid foundation for a balanced life. Finely crafted in Nepal, made of solid brass. Ring the bell hile chanting, the dorje is held in the right hand as a spiritual thunderbolt for change! Bell is 5½" high with 3½" long dorje.
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Tape: Meditation on the Goddess Within by Stein, Diane
Reclaim the Goddess within ourselves with Side One’s meditation on reaching Her. Side Two guides us through the chakras & helps us reestablish contact with the Goddess. Diane Stein is on the most popular alternative healers today!
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Mudras, Yoga in Your Hands by Hirschi, Gertrude
Mudras -- also playfully called "finger power points" -- are yoga positions for your hands and fingers. They can be practiced sitting, lying down, standing, or walking, at any time and place! Schooled in the traditional knowledge of this Eastern art of healing, Gertrud Hirschi, the well-known Swiss yoga teacher and author of Basic Yoga for Everybody, shows you how these easy techniques can recharge your personal energy reserves and improve your quality of living. Use these mysterious healing gestures to calm stress, aggravations, and frustrations of everyday life. Also included are several full-body mudras and exercises to enhance your meditation and yoga practice. Paperback, 209 pages.
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Tape: Qabala Meditations Series with Newcomb, Jason
(Two tapes with four separate self-hypnosis programs) An introduction to the ten Sephiroth or Divine Emanations of the Qabala, as well as an introduction to pathworking. The Qabala has been called the "Yoga of the West." Originally a Hebrew mystical tradition, it has become an important part of the whole Western spiritual movement. The Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, Magic & Mysticism are all interwoven into the complex system of the Qabala. This set of self-hypnosis recordings introduces the listener to some of the key insights of the Qabala through the mind-expanding techniques of hypnosis. The set contains four separate half hour programs: The Middle Pillar, Rising on the Planes Through the Sephiroth, The Body of God, & Tarot Archetype Pathworking.
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Video: Meditation & Astral Travel by Frost/Frost
Yvonne Frost recommends that you meditate as she does: every night. Meditation will lead you to greater serenity and bodily health. Yvonne describes the difference between "I" and "Me" and the way to satisfy "Me" so that "I" can meditate and safely go out in astral travel. To be healthier, happier, and more serene, follow the explicit, down-to-earth instructions of this tape. Soon you will learn for yourself that you have a personal guardian angel (guide) always available for consultation and direction. When you meditate regularly, you will immediately gain that invaluable sense of belonging and being comforted. Running time 61 minutes.
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Astral Projection, Practical Guide by Denning/Phillips
This book is a complete & straightforward guide to Astral Projection, that age-old technique of out-of-body experience that is a natural faculty of the human psyche. Written in a flowing & easily readable style, this book carries the student gently, yet thoroughly, through the essential stages of inner growth & development of psychic potential necessary to the achievement of Astral Projection in full consciousness. Not only are the requisite practices set forth in a detailed & lucid manner, but the vital reasons for undertaking them are made plain. Furthermore, the authors demonstrate the great benefit to be derived from the various practices themselves. From the first simple steps such as breathing exercises, through to the splendor of conscious adventure in the astral worlds, this book is replete with valuable information and sensitive guidance. For all who wished for a sane, in-depth & honest approach to out-of-body experience, this book will be a vital addition to its subject.Over 200,000 copies sold! Softcover, 239 pgs.
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Dreamer's Dictionary by Garuda
Uncover the hidden meanings of your dreams. Are your dreams a reflection of what is going on in your psyche? Or a vision of the future? Listen to these messages of your soul because they are a vital key to what’s happening in your life. Look up the dream symbols, visions, & deep psychological meanings -- this is the only book to cover all three in one place -- among the alphabetized entries. For example, a boat is a symbol of your personality, part of what you need in order to move forward in the ocean of life. The vision reveals that you’ll be making a trip or a change, & the psychological meaning suggests that you feel you’re on shaky ground &/or journeying into a new phase of life. At the back of the book are three sections explaining the meaning of Colors, Numbers & Letters in our dreams. Comprehensive & thorough, this book will provide all the guidance you need in examining the import of your dreams. 480 pgs.
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Dream Symbols, Little Giant Encyclopedia by Vollmar, Klass
What images recur in your dreams? Are you going on a journey? Falling into an abyss? Nude in public? Find out what your mind is trying to tell you, with this unique, up-to-date reference. You are constantly getting messages in dreams that affect your feelings and thoughts about love, success, and the future. More than 2,000 entries by a psychoanalyst and dream specialist provide expert explanations of common dream symbols and events, as well as questions for you to explore that you may never have thought of before. Often more than one choice is offered; pick the one that seems right for you, and think about the others! Paperback, 510 pages.
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Dreams & What They Mean by Gonzalez-wippler
This book explores the nature of sleep, dreams, the human mind and consciousness, and then analyzes the different types of dreams that people often people. Included is an extensive Dream Dictionary, giving the recognized meaning for hundreds of dream images. With this book you can: *Learn to recall your dreams *Learn how to keep a dream journal *Practice creative dreaming *Learn dream travel *Dream more effectively *Discover creative ideas during sleep *Make love to any partner Explore the world of dreaming in a way that you never thought possible! This book will guide you every step of that way and help you expand your life and become more successful. Paperback, 217 pages.
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Gypsy Dream Dictionary by Buckland, Raymond
In the land of dreams a bagpipe-playing bear may visit at teatime, or you may find that you are able to walk through walls, see objects that aren't there, and even fly! But what does it mean? Learn how to interpret your own dreams, and even those of your friends and family, using centuries-old Gypsy wisdom. The Gypsy Dream Dictionary reveals how to remember your dreams more clearly, and deciphers over 850 universal dream symbols to help you discover what your subconscious is trying to tell you. Learn the art of lucid dreaming and astral travel, where you can actually direct your dreams. Use Gypsy knowledge of this fascinating realm as your guide, and let your nightly juorneys to the land of dreams be filled with fun and adventure. Paperback, 216 pages .
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Illustrated Guide to Dreams by Mallon, Brenda
Dreams can be solutions to problems, indicate the nature of relationships, & offer positive strategies for improving your waking life. This beautifully illustrated book will help you get in touch with your subconscious by: following the tips for keeping a journal & trying suggestions for related techniques to develop a better understanding of your dreams; using interpretations of common symbols to learn what your dreams mean; familiarize yourself with angels & guides, karma & reincarnation, oracles, & other psychic phenomena that could be communicating with you while you’re asleep; looking at the part dreams play in our creative life & in maintaining physical & emotional health; and more. The purpose of this book is to help you gain entry to the mysterious world of dreams. Once you understand your dreams, you will enrich your mind & spirit. Oversized softcover, 128 pgs.
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Self-Hypnosis for a Better Life by Hewitt, William
Self-Hypnosis for a Better Life presents a breakthrough technique that teaches you how to harness the power and potential of your own voice for a better life. If you've ever tried hypnosis tapes before and found yourself disappointed with the results, it's probably because they weren't recorded with your voice. Using this system, you become your own hypnotherapist, you design your own self-improvement program, and you make it happen. Self-Hypnosis for a Better Life comes complete with instructions so you can get started right away. Anyone can begin using this system in minutes. Simply make yourself comfortable and recite one of the book's 23 ready-made scripts into a tape recorder. Then whenever you feel like it, pop in the tape, close your eyes, and allow your own voice to hypnotize you as you learn to stop smoking, control fear and phobias, reduce stress, overcome health problems, lose weight, end insomnia, find love and much more. Paperback, 241 pages .
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Celestial Goddesses: An Illustrated Meditation Guide Hunt, Lisa
They personify the heavens, and they gave birth to the sun, the moon, and the stars. They had the power to create and restore lives. Now you, too, can nurture and celebrate the feminine divine with the help of Celestial Goddesses. Visualize your own spiritual journey with the aid of twenty original, full-color goddess paintings in this beautiful, hardcover meditation guidebook. From Amaterasu (Japan), whose brother''s jealous rampage helped her realize her true beauty, to the creation myth of Mawu (West Africa), each image is accompanied by a description of the symbolism and a guided meditation.
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Have an Out-of-Body Experence in 30 Days by Harary/ Weintra
Have you ever wanted to leave your body and fly to distant realms, visit outer space, communicate with loved ones far away, or make love on an exotic island while your actual body stays at home? Now you can accomplish all these things and more! Keith Harary, Ph. D., and Pamela Weintraub teach you how to leave your body with easy-to-follow, day-by-day instructions. 99 pgs
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