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Essential Reiki by Stein, Diane
Reiki is an ancient and profoundly simple system of "laying on of hands" healing derived from Tibetan Buddhism. In the West, Reiki has been kept highly secret for many years. Essential Reiki presents full information on all three degrees of this healing system, most of it in print for the first time. By demystifying this ancient healing system, Essential Reiki is a controversial book. Taught from the perspective that Reiki healing belongs to all people, this book differs from anything else available on the subject. While no book can replace the directly received Reiki "attunements," Essential Reiki provides everything else that the healer, practitioner and teacher of this system needs. All symbols published. Paperback, 154 pages. (Recommended for practitioners)
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Healing Craft by Farrar/Farrar
The Healing Craft is the first book to present such a wide spectrum of the healing arts especially for Witches and pagans. Highlights include: *The History of Healing Within Paganism and Witchcraft *The Aura and The Chakras *Astrology and Healing *Healing Sanctuaries *Healing Wells and Springs *The Healing Gods and Goddesses *Healing with Magic *Holistic Massage *The Tarot and Divination *Shamanistic Healing *Herbalism *Past-Life regression *The Physical Body and Mind Paperback, 256 pages
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Healing With Crystals & Gemstones by Chocron, Daya
The author brings her wisdom and many years of experience to this complete introduction to the healing properties of crystals and gemstones. Our modern culture is just now rediscovering what the ancients knew: that crystals and gemstones have the capacity to aid in our spiritual transformation, and to heal us. Daya Sarai Chorcron takes a reverential and inquiring look at gemstones and discusses. Crystals and gemstones as manifestations of light and color How they are used for energizing the charkas The zodiacal rules of gems How to choose clean and prepare crystals and gemstones for healing work How to use quartz crystal in ceremony decision making and for attuning yourself to inner and outer rhythms.
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Natural Prozac by Robertson, Joel
For millions of people, depressions is an inescapable fact of daily life. Now, Natural Prozac reveals how to break the debilitating grip of clinical depression by ending self-destructive patterns of thought and behavior. This safe, easy-to-follow, and scientifically proven approach to natural healing addresses the root causes of depression, not just its symptoms, and offers a new way to restore the brain's natural chemical balance without the use of perscription drugs. Natural Prozac helps readers: *develop a tailored program of diet and exercise that will restore natural balance to the brain's chemistry *learn new techniques for understanding and breaking free of negative habits *adopt behaviors that produce and promote beneficial brain chemistry *use other natural methods to understand and overcome the cycle of depression, and *establish a lifestyle that makes full use of the tools we each possess to control and improve our own psychological and emotional health. paperback, 215 pages.
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Video: Essential Reiki (4 Videos) by Stein,Diane
Reiki is an ancient and profoundly simple system of laying-on-of-hands healing derived from Tibetan Buddhism. In the West, it has been kept highly secret for many years. Diane Stein's book Essential Reiki presents full information of all three degrees of this healing system, most of it in print for the first time. Diane Stein's Essential Reiki Workshop reveals the secrets of the Reiki masters for the first time on video. Derieved from a 3-day workshop in Santa Cruz, California, the information has been condensedinto under 5 hours running time. This is an invaluable guide done by a master, to be used alone or alongside Stein's bestselling book, Essential Reiki.
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Mudras, Yoga in Your Hands by Hirschi, Gertrude
Mudras -- also playfully called "finger power points" -- are yoga positions for your hands and fingers. They can be practiced sitting, lying down, standing, or walking, at any time and place! Schooled in the traditional knowledge of this Eastern art of healing, Gertrud Hirschi, the well-known Swiss yoga teacher and author of Basic Yoga for Everybody, shows you how these easy techniques can recharge your personal energy reserves and improve your quality of living. Use these mysterious healing gestures to calm stress, aggravations, and frustrations of everyday life. Also included are several full-body mudras and exercises to enhance your meditation and yoga practice. Paperback, 209 pages. .
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