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Fairies, The by Scalora, Suza
This is an entertaining photo essay presenting color-drenched photographs of 16 fairies observed in various leafy, far-flung locales. Adopting the persona of a scientist bent on completing a predecessor’s 19th century field guide, Scalora provides travel notes & background. Each ethereal being is carefully classified by its common name, other names, sighting date & location, & history. For fellow fairy fanciers, peak sighting seasons & lures are also provided. The glossy full-color photographs were created using live models, with wings constructed from a variety of materials. Lushly hued (each of the fairies here is associated with a color), they evoke a shadowy, elusive realm hidden, usually, within our own; readers will be beguiled by the mystery & magic here. Whether you’re a believer or not, the prints are truly beautiful, & Scalora’s passionate, detailed descriptions will at least make you want to consider the possibility that these diminutive creatures exist. This one of the most beautifully designed & photographically rich books that has emerged in a long time. You will be enjoying The Fairies for many generations. Hardcover 40 pg. picture book
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From Ritual To Romance by Weston, Jessie
In this book the author explores the origins of the Grail legend, arguing that it dates back to a primitive vegetation cult and only later was shaped by Celtic and Christian lore. To prove her thesis, Weston unites folkloric and Christian elements by using printed texts to prove the parallels existing between each and every feature of the legend of the Holy Grail and the recorded symbolism of the ancient Mystery cults. Specifically, she finds the origin of the Grail legend in a Gnostic text that served as a link between such cults and later Celtic and Christian elaborations of the myth. Awarded the Crawshay Prize in 1920, this scholarly yet highly readable study will interest any student of the Arthurian legends, mythology, ancient religion and Eliot's poetry. Paperback, 196 pages
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King Arthur Coloring Book
The heroic deeds of the legendary English king spring to life in this imaginatively rendered coloring book that recounts the adventures of King Arthur and Sir Lancelot, the greatest knight of the Round Table. Thirty-three realistic, finely detailed illusrations - including a double-page spread and six decorative initials - depict the young Arthur brandishing a sword he has miraculously oulled from a stone; knights jousting on horseback; Lancelot's daring journey to the Chapel Perilous; his battle with a fire-breathing dragon; Arthur's mortal combat with his nephew, Sir Mordred; the King's final journey to Avalon; and many more vivid illustrations and vignettes. An exciting text, specially adapted for young readers by Thomas Crawford, accompanies the illustrations, making this a wonderful reading and coloring experience for young readers thrilled by the pageantry and excitment of the age when knighthood was in flower.
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Kindling the Celtic Spirit by Freeman, Mara
Celebrate the wisdom & magic of the ancient Celts. Rekindle the mystical flame of the Celtic spirit with this exquisitely crafted & inspirational book of knowledge. Mara Freeman, Celtic authority & gifted storyteller, shares the richness & beauty of the Celts’ spiritual & mythical legacy. In this essential compendium of ancestral traditions, you will discover the magical art of Celtic music & storytelling; how to address a faery & the names & traditions surrounding Celtic gods; Celtic greetings, toasts, & blessings; the meaning of the ancient festival of Saint Brigit; ancient rites & rituals for every season; the magic of Samhain, a time when the spirit world overlaps with our own; the sacred sites found throughout Ireland & the British Isles; how to prepare many traditional Celtic dishes. This book is a treasure trove of ancient knowledge that will enrich your modern life & inspire you in every season. It is the perfect gift for lovers of all things Celtic. Hardcover, 402 pgs.
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Lost Books of Merlyn by Monroe, Douglas
As new secrets are revealed in three mythological tales taken from The Book of Pheryllt, a famous and rare 16th century text, you will undergo a vision quest beyond the confines of the normal world. a grimoire that explains the magical elements in the stories follows each tale, providing instructions on how to reenact the lessons ans replicate the rituals. Rich with authentic lore and magical techniques, this work of traditional, Celtic-style storytelling and scholarship serves to unlock the doorway to your imagination. This powerful follow-up to The 21 Lessons of Merlyn holds the spiritual nourishment and practical shamanic methods you need to reclaim the essential spirit of the ancient Celts. Paperback, 409 pages.
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Story of the Champions of theRound Table by Pyle, Howard
The stories of these three knights are among the most colorful and enduring on the vast body of Arthurian legend. The love-story of Tristram and the beautiful Isoult, of King Mark and of magic potions; the wondrous legend of Launcelot's emergence from the castle of the Lady of the Lake and the deeds that made him the chiefest glory of the Round Table; Percival's championship of the Lady Yvette and his adventures at the Castle of Beaurepaire - these are all retold in Pyle's inimitable style, capturing perfectly the tone and spirit of ancient romance. Just as successful are Pyle's illustrations. 50 drawings, 31 of them full-page size, help make this one of the most memorable adventure books ever written for the young reader. Paperback, 328 pages
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World of Fairies by Penwyche, Gossamer
Enter the fantastic realm where imagination & magic abide & logic & reason are abandoned. It’s the world of fairies where the unknown, unseen, & intangible operate as the norm. Gateways to this Otherworld can be accessed by mortals at times & places that are "in-between" - neither here nor there, then or now. But you can cross the threshold any time you like through these 29 enchanting tales. Most of them are retelling of famous & not-so-famous folk & fairy tales from around the world. Others are newly written; some have been inspired by ideas or lines from works by fairy-friendly writers such as Shakespeare & Yeats. In these tales, both the tricksters & domestic spirits are revealed, as are glimpses of the cultures from which they originated. Whether it’s the familiar Pixie or the exotic Peri, a beautiful female spirit of ancient Persia, they each have a story & lesson to offer. Wait no longer, they’re all waiting for you to come to visit them. Magnificently depicted in specially commissioned artwork. Hardcover, 128 pgs.
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Celtic Folklore Cooking by Joanne Asala
A treasury of delectable recipes, Celtic Folklore Cooking by Joanne Asala will help you select foods to serve at your celebrations of the Sabbats and Esbats: the festivals and ritual times for Witches and Wiccans. It is also a terrific introduction to Celtic culture. The recipes in this book were gathered during four trips the author took to Ireland and Britain, as well as visits to Scotland and Wales. She searched for people who still cooked in the traditional of their ancestors, passing down recipes from generation to generation. The result is a book that is rich in Celtic tradition. And the foods are delicious any time, too!
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Celtic Myth & Magick by Edain McCoy
Although there are many different Pagan traditions, in the West, one of the most popular and widely-practiced traditions is that of the ancient Celts. Indeed, some would argue that the ancient Celtic system was the source for modern Wicca and Witchcraft. Finally, Edain McCoy has brought together all of the various bits of information on this culture into one of the most important books of Celtic lore ever, Celtic Myth & Magick.
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Elemental Power: Celtic Faerie Craft & Druidic Magic by Amber Wolfe
This book unites Celtic Druidry with transpersonal psychology. It links Celtic Faerie Craft with current understanding of shamanic techniques. And just as it blends the ancient and modern in your soul, it will also -- through the use of ritual, breathwork, shamanic techniques, visualization, guided imagery, and much more -- help you to unite the various parts of your mind, giving you the power to become a spiritual warrior of the Celtic Craft: a Dragon-Rider.
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The Celtic Lunar Zodiac: How to Interpret Your Moon Sign by Helena Paterson
In The Celtic Lunar Zodiac by Helena Paterson you will discover the unique ancient astrology system used by the Druids, the priestly class of the Celts. This system was focused on the ever-present cycles of the Moon. This concentration was needed for them to determine the months of their lunar-oriented calendar and to determine the dates of festivals. They associated each of the thirteen lunar months with a variety of things, including a tree, a stone, a planet, a character from their myths, and more. Over the years they discovered that people born within the same lunar months of the year had certain similar qualities. This is the information you will find revealed in The Celtic Lunar Zodiac. The knowledge can add insights into your life today, giving you a path for your future growth.
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Glamoury: Magic of the Celtic Green World by Steve Blamires
Glamoury brings together concepts from the Irish Celtic spiritual tradition, practical techniques, and extensive research into Celtic history, literature, and myth. Here you will read about: The origins of the Celts, The ancient concept of time, Visualization and imagination, Magical techniques and attitudes, The five invasions of Ireland, The four cycles of Irish mythology, Experiencing life as a Celtic warrior, Celtic Gods and Goddesses. Creating an Otherworld working area, The ancient festivals (Samhain, Imbolg, etc.), including rituals for each, How to choose and dedicate your magical weapons. According to the author, Glamoury "is a reference, providing a basic grounding in the subject, to give you the information you need . . ." The myths described here will reach deep into your subconscious to plant the seeds for personal transformation. The practical exercises that accompany them will activate these psychic "seeds" to expand your spiritual potential into areas previously closed to you.
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The Truth About Druids by Tadhg MacCrossan
Discover the beauty of their ancient religion and power of their magic, when you read The Truth About the Druids by Tadhg MacCrossan. The word "Druid" evokes images of ancient wizards and wonder-workers from old Irish sagas or Welsh legends. The Druids have been credited as engineers of Stonehenge and the shamans of pre-Celtic Western Europe. Some believe they may have even been the priests of the Lost Tribes of ancient Israel. Others have credited them with Pythagorean philosophy, Cabala, mysteries of the Goddess, Buddhism, Runes, and Wicca. But these popular characterizations are not accurate representations of factual history. Just who, then, were the Druids? What did they teach? What did they do? The Truth About the Druids answers these questions and many more.
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